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Bonfire Rum

Rum – always associated with sailors and pirates and being an O'Malley, descended from the famous Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley, we always knew we had to make Rum. Our Bonfire Rum is a micro batch premium spiced spirit, made in honour of our ancestor the Pirate Queen. Known for her flaming red hair and fiery temper, she burned the ships of those that crossed her and famously lit a bonfire on top of her castle, to signal her fleet to attack the enemy as they fled in defeat across the sea. Hence the name Bonfire Rum.

The dark golden rum is infused with a selection of flavours including treacle toffee and a delicate blend of spices to create a delicious smokey, rich taste and a smooth finish.

Hidden Gem produce micro batch spirit, every bottle is hand crafted by ourselves in our tiny home distillery. Each bottle is made, blended, bottled and labelled by hand for you to enjoy – from our house to yours. We are named after St Mary's church in Manchester, known locally as the Hidden Gem, it's the place my Grandparents met 100 years ago in a twist of fate and the initials of our children also happen to be G,E & M.

Our beautiful bottle is designed and created by local street artist DMSTFF, featuring our tree logo in his distinctive street art style. Find more of DMSTFF street art on Instagram @dmstff.

We are committed to supporting our local community and pledge to give 5% of our profit to local charities – a true community spirit.

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Our Gin

Hidden Gem Gin is a truly artisan spirit, made with an infusion of botanicals, sourced from near and far. Our Original Gin is made with rosemary and apple from our own garden when in season, along with, citrus, angelica, liquorice, lashings of milk thistle, and several other botanicals. It is fresh tasting and smooth with citrus notes and a complex finish. Rosemary is a key ingredient in our Gin which always grew in my Grandparents garden, a fragrance from my childhood and a prominent botanical in our Gin. We now have a range of flavours of gins and rums, see product list below. Made in our copper top still called Meg, each small batch is blended, bottled and labelled by hand, in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Email us your order via the Contact Us Form, include your name and address details and we can send it out to you. Direct price £35.00 per 70cl

About Us

We are a family venture and we all have our part to play in making our lovely spirit. The initial spark of inspiration came from a love of Gin combined with a hobby of making home-made wine. It seemed only right to combine the two.

Making spirits was a natural progression, moving on from making wine with fruits and berries foraged locally. I started experimenting with different fusions and flavours and developing the business idea, the name and the whole concept of Hidden Gem. In 2016 we started learning the craft of making and distilling our Gin and in March 2017 we started the business. We are a husband and wife team but we all work together including our three girls, who help with peeling and chopping the fresh botanicals as well as picking the rosemary and apples from the garden when in season

Hidden Gem was inspired by the local craft beer and gin scene in Salford and Manchester and was developed from a tiny spark of inspiration through to a fully functioning distillery in the space of 18 months. We are Carmel and Joe, I am born and bred in Salford and my husband Joe is a Manchester man. We are based right on the border of Salford and Manchester, it’s the urban heartland of the North West and a melting pot of industry and creative artisan producers, which we are proud to be a part of.

We endeavour to add social value where we can, by using locally sourced ingredients and produce where possible. We have pledged to give five per cent of all profits to local charities and good causes – a true community spirit.

The Name

We are named after St Mary's church, a beautiful 16th century chapel, tucked away in the city centre and known locally as The Hidden Gem - if you live in or around Manchester, you probably know it (Lowry painted it). It's the place that my Grandparents met, almost 100 years ago. It was a chance encounter that changed their lives and it was the start of their legacy here in the North West.

My Grandmother, Brigid, had moved to Salford from Ireland and my Grandfather Edward, was en route to America from Ireland, where he was to meet his two brothers in Chicago. Both happened to call in for a lunch time service known as the workers mass, as it was held at 12.05 every day for those that worked in the city centre. When Edward saw Brigid it was indeed love at first sight, but he was due to sail the following evening. He returned for the workers mass the next day in the hope of seeing Brigid and decided he would ask her for a date, if she said no he would sail and if she said yes, he would stay...well the rest is history. They had four children together who in turn had a whopping 33 children between them, of which I am the second youngest. G,E & M also happens to be the initials of our three children, three of their many Great Grandchildren and so, their legacy continues....

Product List

Original Gin    Clementine and Honey Date Gin   Spiced Blackberry Gin  
Bonfire Rum    Purple Rum  

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Master of Malt
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